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How can we help you?

Whether or not you’ve worked with a marketing agency before, selecting the right partner for your small business can be daunting, overwhelming – and even a little scary.

You probably have 1001 questions you want to ask them. Whether they can deliver on what they say, what their process looks like, and, of course, how much this is all going to cost.

But there’s another question you should be asking yourself. A question that, we believe, is the most important of all: Do you trust them?

You’re depending on a services provider to partner with you to help grow your business. Regardless of how impressive their offices are or how awesome their website looks, you need to have total confidence in their approach, attitude, and professionalism. How do you know when you’ve struck gold? Don’t sweat it, you’ll know…

Looking to move things to the next level? Let us help.


Did you know that, on average, 88% of consumers search for a product online before buying it in stores? The importance of a professionally built website is the most crucial part of your digital marketing strategy–it sits at the very center for any digital marketing strategy you decide to launch. If you want your small business to succeed in today’s digital economy, a professional website with the tools, functionalities, and data-analytics capabilities is a must. We can help.


According to research, the most common platform for small businesses to build brand awareness is social media marketing, followed closely by email marketing and paid media. Strategic planning and execution of these digital marketing tactics, consistently, can help you stand out from the crowded market and attract new clients and customers–ultimately creating brand value, memorable experiences, and increased revenue for your business. We can help.

Does My Business Qualify?

Probably the second most frequently asked question we get: How much is a marketing program going to cost? Well, that depends on a lot of things. So before we ever talk cost, we take into consideration the business and where it fits within these 3 parameters:  

Gross Annual Revenue

Is your business bringing in $100K+ in gross annual revenue? Or do you have the capacity to hit $100K?

Avg. Customer LTV

Do your customers have a value of $1K+ over their lifetime? 

Growth Mindset

Does your company have the capacity or desire to grow 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5x?

Does Your business meet the conditions above? Let’s connect and see if we’re a fit!

The Process

Every business is different, so every marketing plan is different. But that doesn’t mean the methodology and process that gets us there changes that much.

Every one of our client engagements starts with these basic steps to get to a marketing plan:


We need to understand your market – everything starts and end with the customer, right?

We need to get our heads around the types of people you’re selling to. What gets them going, what upsets them. What problems do they have (in their lives, at work, etc. – wherever it is your product/service helps them). This helps create what’s called segmentation.

How do we do this? Through research. We arrange interviews with your key personnel, partners, and customers. Think you know why your customers buy from you? 

Once we’ve gone through this “Discovery” phase, we can make recommendations on how to move forward. Where best to spend your marketing budget to generate the most effective bang for your buck.

Marketing Strategy

From here it’s about building clear targeting, creating very tight and distinctive positioning to these audience segments.

Targeting your marketing is crucial for a small business. Even if you think your target market is “everyone” (hint: it never is) unless you have a limitless budget you’re going to waste a sizeable percentage of your marketing spend trying to convince people who don’t want to buy from you.

If you spread yourself too thinly you’ll end up making no impact – and no money.

What’s far better is to focus on a particular audience segment (or group of segments) for all you’re worth. If the segmentation work has been done properly, selecting the most appropriate audience groups should be a no-brainer.

Be a big fish, even if it’s in a smaller pool. Your results will be better that way.

Tactical Execution

The more targeted you are, the clearer your positioning and differentiation, the easier it becomes to put together the tactical plan. Once you know who you’re targeting – what they’re looking for, how they expect to be spoken to, their shared attributes, etc. – the tactical plan almost writes itself.

It’s not specifically about content marketing, advertising, social media, and all that stuff. Such marketing tactics are important, but there are other, more important, things to think about.

The goal should be to create messaging and communication that reaches the target audience group through communication channels most appropriate to them. Jumping straight into tactics such as ads, videos, social media, etc. is a waste of time, money, and energy if such channels are not where your audience expect – or want – you to be.

It’s about the destination, not the journey. Less sledgehammer, more scalpel.

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